Our Story


Founded: 2007
Members: ~ 5000

decksharks is / was an internet community with over 5000 members, which deals with electronic dance music.

It was founded in 2007 by Roman Fliedl, whose enthusiasm for electronic dance music still knows no bounds today. In the same year Stephan Rose joined, many know Stephan under the artist name Fatalgroove.

In 2009 we founded a netlabel, where artists can sell their self-created works over the internet. Decksharks-Records, is a NetLabel, which mainly deals with newcomers. There is no style guideline, here everyone is welcome who knows about electronic music and produces it himself. Decksharks is not just any label of many others.

It originated from a community created specifically for electronic music, which is currently very strongly established on the Internet. There really good producers get a chance to present themselves and above all to be heard! We show the market the shark teeth and offer you the chance to be there! “Because we love good music” and therefore promote it!

Our team looks after each artist individually and answers your questions. Fast and Favorably, maybe a little Furious too. That’s what you could call our performance.

The first Festival

On Saturday 1 August 2009

Of course, decksharks.com also organizes events, the most successful event so far with the title “Decksharks Music Festival” exceeded expectations many times over, the number of guests was significantly higher than the capacity of the venue. Over 1,000 visitors were able to experience 26 DJs and 4 VJ teams on 3 individually designed stages.